HIB interface service

HeartAI has implemented a high-performance integration with the SA Health Health Information Broker (HIB), a major provider of data integration services within the South Australian digital health system. The HIB is primarily an enterprise service bus deployed with the InterSystems Ensemble and InterSystems IRIS data and integration engines. The HeartAI HIB interface service provides service-level functionality to interface with the HIB, and implements this interface with a best-practice integration framework including a performant message exchange mechanism over WebSockets and WebSockets Secure. The HIB provides messages feeds formatted with the international HL7 standard which are further translated by HeartAI into the international v4.0.1 FHIR R4 standard.

The HIB interface service integrates with the HIB and provides additional domain service functionality, including an event-sourced data persistence mechanism, an optimised write-side database, and brokering to the HeartAI message streaming middleware implemented with Apache Kafka. This capabilities enable to the HeartAI HIB interface service to be highly-available, resource efficient, and well-able to manage continuous and real-time streaming of data from within the South Australian digital health system.

Further information about the HeartAI HIB interface service may be found with the following documentation: