SA Virtual Care Service

The SA Health SA Virtual Care Service (SAVCS) is a multi-disciplinary health system service initiative that will provide clinicians, health system administrators, and supporting communities with innovative capabilities and improved care delivery by providing an interface between health system services, including:

SAVCS includes metropolitan and regional health services and represents a system-wide approach to virtual care within South Australia.

The service aims to improve many areas of health system service delivery and care, by providing innovations with:

  • Increased access and availability of emergency services.
  • Enhanced delivery of care.
  • Expedited times to triage.
  • Care pathways that avoid unnecessary emergency department admissions.
  • Reductions in ambulance ramping time.
  • Integration with modern digital and information systems.
  • Monitoring and operational capabilities.

SAVCS currently provides four operational care pathways:

  • Virtual Emergency Service

The Virtual Emergency Service (VES) enables a point-of-contact for SA Ambulance Service clinicians by providing live telehealth integration and supporting services. This allows real-time paramedic and emergency care to be delivered while ambulance services are on the scene with a patient. These capabilities support clinical decision-making and may offer alternative services for care delivery, such as care-in-place service delivery, helping to alleviate emergency department and inpatient admissions.

  • Rural Virtual Care Service

The Rural Virtual Care Service (RVCS) provides virtual and remote access to clinical services for regional and remote health services and patients with potentially urgent medical conditions, by enabling virtual specialist and advanced services to be delivered to these sites on the basis of health system need. In addition, RVCS also supports regional transfers to metropolitan hospitals, including appropriate site transfer planning and bed allocation.

  • Health Navigator service

The Health Navigator service (HNAV) provides additional support to ambulance and paramedic services through the integrated capabilities of SAVCS. Through this service, paramedic support and liaisons on-site at SAVCS connect with SAAS paramedic staff at the patient location, and provide additional guidance to the treating team. This process also enhances SAAS services by utilising EMR capabilities within SAVCS, creating a more holistic view of the patient journey with additional information about history, medical management, and health system engagement. SAAS staff on-site at SAVCS may also request a clinical consultation, where the patient will be transferred to a SAVCS clinical for review.

  • Clinical Telephone Assessment service

The Clinical Telephone Assessment (CTA) service provides enhanced and integrated clinical care for patients in aged care facilities. This service supports nursing staff located at these facilities with SAAS paramedic services delivered via telehealth from SAVCS, including registration into the EMR and integration with the general patient journey. Through this process, the patient may receive supportive care remotely, or where beneficial the SAVCS team can coordinate the organisation of an on-site paramedic response.

SAVCS initiated in December 2021, with a multidisciplinary team of ~50 staff, including clinicians, paramedics. nurses, administrators, engineers, and analysts. The operational unit for the SAVCS is based at the Tonsley Innovation District.

HeartAI provides support for real-time and robust information systems, empowering service visibility and operations, including service-level information systems for:

  • Calls received by the service
  • Emergency department presentations
  • Inpatient admissions
  • Patients treated in regional health networks
  • Patient demographics
  • Patient ramping
  • SAAS telecommunications
  • Direct ward admissions
  • Regional transfers
  • Triage information
  • Clinical presentation
  • Service decision-making and outcomes

HeartAI also provides operational and analytical support for SAVCS through modern front-end applications that are integrated with rigorous health information systems, allowing real-time data and information to be provided for the purposes of:

  • Insight and value from high-performance, real-time, and rigorous health data and information systems.
  • Operational constructs and practices that support rapid response to health system needs.
  • Real-time capable visualisation software with support for data streaming and event-driven behaviour.
  • Mature processes and practices to rapidly respond to clinically important information and activity.
Applications: SA Virtual Care Service

Further information about the HeartAI SA Virtual Care Service application may be found with the following documentation:

In addition to rigorous and high-fidelity capability with SA Health data and information systems, HeartAI provides a range of data simulation and data synthesis functionalities, allowing these services to be provided for development and testing in non-sensitive environments. The simulation of this data is modelled on the actual data from within SAVCS, with some appropriate modification, to allow a representation of this data to be readily transportable and reproducible.

Further information about the SA Virtual Care Service may be found with the following documentation: