Governance and responsibilities

Steering Committee

The Steering Committee is responsible for:

  • Scientific direction and strategy.
  • Export methodological leadership.
  • Guidance for research priorities and selection or projects where applicable, with project selection to prioritise building research capacity for Flinders University in synergy with the specific project questions and client requests.
  • Bringing input, feedback, and data to the projects.
  • Reports associated with projects.
  • Contribution to meetings and projects.

Specifically, ultimate accountability for governance of PHOCQUS and is held by the PHOCQUS Steering Committee, which is responsible for the ethical, efficient, technical, legal, financial, secure, and purposeful conduct of the project. These responsibilities align with the NEHTA guidelines, with overall oversight and ongoing review of all aspects of PHOCQUS including design, resource and operational planning, quality improvement, data integrity, data analysis, data reporting, data custodianship, and compliance with patient confidentiality and privacy regulations.

No protocol amendments shall be implemented, nor identifiable data communicated by the PHOCQUS operating team to external parties, without the prior agreement of the PHOCQUS Steering Committee or appropriate representatives.

Participating Units

Participating Units are responsible for:

  • Selection of appropriate representative(s) to the Steering Committee.
  • Expert clinical and/or research leadership.
  • Guidance for research priorities and selections of projects where applicable.
  • Bringing data to the projects.
  • Contributing to meetings and reports.

Each Participating Unit retains intellectual property in the data they contribute to the PHOCQUS project and the PHOCQUS Steering Committee grants licencing to use or sub-licence contributed data for the agreed purposes of PHOCQUS.

Each Participating Unit acknowledges and agrees that it will not reproduce, publish, or distribute PHOCQUS materials including study documents, data that identifies participating units or individual clinicians, and reports based on PHOCQUS data, to any third party without the explicit prior written consent of the PHOCQUS Steering Committee, subject to the Participating Unit’s rights to use such materials for internal purposes.

It is further acknowledged that each patient has certain rights to their own individual data under Privacy Laws and otherwise. Patients may thus provide written request for access to or amendment of their data from the PHOCQUS data sources, in addition to their ongoing rights to opt-out. The PHOCQUS operational team will make reasonable endeavours to comply with such access and amendment requests.