The PHenotyping Outcomes for clinical Care, Quality, and Service (PHOCQUS) is an exemplar initiative of Health Data Science & Clinical Trials, Flinders University, South Australia, to develop a modern data integration platform to enhance capabilities for clinical audit and research, service innovation, and operationalisation of digital implementations. The PHOCQUS project provides data system capabilities through an automated data retrieval and collation process by linking currently collected routine clinical health service for opt-out consenting patients under the custodianship of the involved institutions and clinical areas. These approaches will allow the development of digital phenotypes of a range of diseases and therapeutic care, patient co-morbidities, social determinants of health, and health service characteristics. The HeartAI system provides the technical implementation for the PHOCQUS project, with a modern best-practice deployment of cloud infrastructure, high-performance data systems, and enhanced platform management and operation.

Please feel welcome to explore the PHOCQUS project with the following documentation: