Proposal in development

The documentation provided with this page supports the upcoming HAVEN SA project with a planned initiation date of 2022 Q1. This documentation is currently in development and may not represent the final proposed project implementation. Please contact HeartAI administrators for more information about the HAVEN SA project.

Project status
  • Administrative status: Initial coordination with clinical program team
  • Documentation status: Initial coordination with clinical program team
  • Development status: Initial coordination with clinical program team

The South Australian Hospital Alerting Via Electronic Noticeboard (HAVEN SA) project aims to develop and implement digital solutions to support the medical management of deteriorating patients within South Australian hospital care environments. The project primarily aims to deploy modern real-time capable data and analytics systems to detect and respond to patients before the occurrence of serious adverse events. A comprehensive clinical, research, economic, and behavioural framework is proposed to support project implementation. This project is inspired by and implemented in partnership with the University of Oxford HAVEN project with adaptions for the South Australian health system. The HAVEN SA project is administered by (proposed) the South Australian Health and Medical Research Institute, South Australia, and the Central Adelaide Local Health Network, SA Health, South Australia. The HeartAI system provides the implementing platform for the project, powering modern and scalable data integration, secure and robust deployment operations, and platform approaches for analytical development.

Please feel welcome to explore the HAVEN SA project with the following documentation: