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Project status
  • Administrative status: Initial health system connection achieved, progressing to extended connection
  • Documentation status: Documenting enhanced user application frameworks
  • Development status: Developing enhanced user application frameworks

The HeartAI command, operations, and analytics centre (HAI CAP) project proposes to establish modern command and operations centre capabilities that are integrated with rigorous health information systems and powerful analytics. These capabilities will be deployed both in systems and clinical environments to support the enablement of service delivery and innovation across the health system and at clinical point-of-care.

HAI CAP proposes to establish maturity across many core operations:

  • System operations
  • Network operations
  • Data and information operations
  • Security operations
  • Service and application operations
  • Clinical operations

By developing holistic operational capability, HAI CAP deployments address many of the challenges of current operationalisations of health system data. In particular, by supporting foundational platform-based approaches for development and deployment, the fundamental technical solution is deployable both for rapid response to business and clinical needs, while also supporting frameworks for long-term iterative improvement.

This continual innovation of foundational capabilities allows for health information services that are reliable and purposeful. The practical implementations of these approaches are command centre deployments that are highly-available, secure, powerful, and able to rapidly respond to health system need.

HAI CAP supports modern health system operations, innovating healthcare services with:

  • Observability over platform operations.
  • Insight and value from high-performance, real-time, and rigorous health data and information systems.
  • Operational constructs and practices that support rapid response to health system needs.
  • Real-time capable visualisation software with support for data streaming and event-driven behaviour.
  • Mature processes and practices to rapidly respond to clinically important information and events.

A flagship implementation of HAI CAP supports the operational and analytical development of the SA Health SA Virtual Care Service, a multi-disciplinary service at the Tonsley Innovation District that will provide clinicians with visibility and operational capabilities across the South Australian health system.

Projects: SA Virtual Care Service

Further information about the HeartAI deployment supporting the SA Virtual Care Service may be found with the following documentation:

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