Data services

Data service capacity follows from our research-oriented PHOCQUS (PHenotyping Outcomes for clinical Care, QUality and Services) project and existing clinical operations at the Southern Adelaide Local Health Network (SALHN). These existing capabilities have been championed by the teams at Health Data Science & Clinical Trials, Flinders University, South Australia. HDSCT and the HeartAI system currently collaborate with data services for:

Data source Custodial unit
OACIS Department for Health and Wellbeing
ISAAC Department for Health and Wellbeing
EDDC Department for Health and Wellbeing
HIP Department for Health and Wellbeing
Sunrise EMR SA Health
HIB SA Health
EMPI SA Health
CRR SA Health
ISIS SA Health
OBI SA Health
iPharmacy SA Health
CART Audit SA Health
HIPS SA Health
SALHN costing data SALHN
SALHN sleep & respiratory SALHN
SALHN rehabilitation, aging, and palliative SALHN
FMC patient journey data SALHN
FMC electrocardiography SALHN
FMC echocardiography SALHN
FMC general surgery SALHN
FMC cardiothoracic surgery SALHN
FMC mental health services SALHN
FMC medical oncology SALHN
FMC ophthalmology SALHN
WCH paediatrics NALHN

Please refer to the documentation section Projects: PHOCQUS for an overview of the PHOCQUS project.