Data services


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Database projections and optimised queries

HeartAI provides a variety of ways to interact with data systems. These are optimised to be efficient for general and end-user experiences. Typically this involves the implementation of relevant constraint mechanisms that are constrained to be secure and performant. For example, the HeartAI interface to the South Australian deployment instance of Sunrise EMR is implemented with the Slick functional-relational mapping software.

This allows HeartAI data services to provide scoped and high-performance ways to interact with these protected data systems, including modern forms of data systems such as messaging systems and large-form data storage (images, omics, bulk text).

Integration with Sunrise EMR

The HeartAI deployment within the South Australian digital health system provides an optimised domain-specific language for interfacing with Sunrise EMR, the single-node EMR deployment across the health system.

Libraries: SCM SA

Further information about the HeartAI integration with the South Australian instance of Sunrise EMR may be found with the following documentation:

Data-sharing governance


HeartAI is administered with a thorough governance and policy structure to ensure secure and appropriate use of health data.

Governance: Policy

Further information about HeartAI policy may be found with the following documentation:


The PHenotyping Outcomes for clinical Care, Quality, and Service (PHOCQUS) is an exemplar initiative of Health Data Science & Clinical Trials, Flinders University, South Australia, to develop a modern data integration platform to enhance capabilities for clinical audit and research, service innovation, and operationalisation of digital implementations. The PHOCQUS project provides data system capabilities through an automated data retrieval and collation process by linking currently collected routine clinical health service for opt-out consenting patients under the custodianship of the involved institutions and clinical areas. These approaches will allow the development of digital phenotypes of a range of diseases and therapeutic care, patient co-morbidities, social determinants of health, and health service characteristics. The HeartAI system provides the technical implementation for the PHOCQUS project, with a modern best-practice deployment of cloud infrastructure, high-performance data systems, and enhanced platform management and operation.

Projects: PHOCQUS

Further information about the PHOCQUS project may be found with the following documentation: