Change management process

HeartAI implements formalised processes to manage significant changes that may have the potential to impact strategic positioning, service engagements, or general platform posture. To ensure that these changes are well-understood and approved by corresponding clients, service partners, and governance authorities, HeartAI administrators and developers must coordinate activity with the oversight of these parties with appropriate assessments of risk and impact. This should include the creation of documentation and service assurances in alignment with these changes, and coordination with governance and process authorities before these changes are enacted.

The following policy governs change management for HeartAI platform development and service engagement, and defines how HeartAI administrators and developers should make modifications to HeartAI generally. This should be used to support how and why system change occurs, and should provide a formal framework to ensure a standard of governance is maintained.


  1. In relation to organisational, operational, and technical governance:
    1.1. HeartAI administrators and developers should regularly discuss platform development, strategic goals, and operational activity with corresponding governing authorities.
    1.2. Corresponding governing authorities should be notified of any matters of importance. The potential opportunities and impacts should be assessed before committing to an action of change.
    1.3. The progress and outcomes of platform development and service engagements should be well-documented and readily available, and this documentation should be used as a reference for change management.
  2. In relation to the HeartAI source code repository:
    2.1. HeartAI administrators and developers should make reasonable efforts to understand and coordinate with the HeartAI documentation in general and particularly sections relevant for their development context.
    2.2. The HeartAI source code is hosted within a private GitHub repository. Access to this repository operates with minimum necessary permissions access control. The master and gh-page branches are the representative source-of-truth for HeartAI platform deployments, and these trigger downstream deployment behaviour within operational production environments. All primary production environment components, including infrastructure declarations and configuration, middleware deployment, and service software, are managed through the master branch. The HeartAI website is managed through the gh-pages branch.
    2.3. The HeartAI master branch is configured to only allow modification through the merging of non-master branches. Contributors wishing to make modifications to the master branch must raise a GitHub pull request requesting to merge their branch into the master branch.
    2.4. To ensure an appropriate review process, contributions to the HeartAI repository master branch are required to be reviewed and processed by at least one HeartAI administrator. Specific administrators may be invited to review by the requester, and these administrators may themselves assign administrators in addition to or as replacement to their assignment.
    2.5. HeartAI administrators must initially assess the appropriateness of pull requests. Pull requests should provide an iterative improvement to HeartAI and align with the strategic development of platform components. HeartAI administrators may close a pull request that does not support this development, but administrators should endeavour to provide reasonable feedback to support system development and developer experience. In addition, any pull request that contains sensitive or inappropriate information may be immediately closed and purged from the repository origin. HeartAI administrators should provide guidance and direction with source repository pull request contributions.
    2.6. HeartAI developers should describe the purpose and functionality of source repository contributions. HeartAI administrators should consider the alignment of the source contribution to the existing state of the master branch and any planned directions of HeartAI generally. Any substantive changes that may be required to comply with this alignment should be raised with a request for changes to the pull request. The contributor may then consider this and apply the changes as appropriate.
    2.7. Following HeartAI administrator approval of this review process, the pull request may then be approved with a summary of the review process.
  3. In relation to the ongoing review of this policy:
    3.1. This policy should be reviewed at least every 6 months. This review should assess the appropriateness of the existing policy, and should propose any modifications or extensions to the policy where needed.
    3.2. Modifications or extensions to this policy should be reviewed and approved by corresponding governing authorities.
    3.3. This policy welcomes suggestions and feedback.
  4. In relation to the governance and compliance of this policy:
    4.1. This policy must be understood and agreed to by HeartAI administrators and developers before the approval of access to HeartAI platform components.
    4.2. Where this policy does not provide a specification to, or conflicts with, a mandated SA Health or SA Government policy, the existing SA Health or SA Government policy will take precedence. HeartAI administrators will resolve policy deficits by approved modification or extension to HeartAI policy.
    4.3. HeartAI administrators are responsible for ensuring that this policy is compliant with SA Health and SA Government policies.