Engagement with SA Health

HeartAI is grateful for a maturing relationship with SA Health and has continued to collaborate with major implementation projects such as the SA Virtual Care Service. This has required significant efforts to ensure that HeartAI complies with SA Government and SA Health policies regarding the management of HeartAI as a digital system within the government and health environments. The current HeartAI deployment within South Australia provides a robust data services model that reconciles data from many sources including the statewide electronic medical records (EMR). HeartAI has implemented real-time observability and intelligence at the interface between ambulance and hospital services, including the development of a clinical information system and a suite of solutions to assess and understand patient flow.

The following documentation sections provide further information about HeartAI engagement with SA Health. This includes information relating to the deployment status of HeartAI within the SA Health digital environment, data integrations and data access, assessments of security posture and compliance, and management of identity accounts and access control.