SA Virtual Care Service

HeartAI support for the SA Virtual Care Service

The HeartAI application for the SA Virtual Care Service provides front-end capabilities for health system users with a supporting digital platform for the SA Health SA Virtual Care Service. HeartAI supports these endeavours generally through the SA Virtual Care Service and HAI CAP projects, which also provide rigorous information systems, command and operations centre capabilities, and high-performance analytics:

HeartAI also provides operational and analytical support for SAVCS through modern front-end applications that are integrated with rigorous health information systems, allowing real-time data and information to be provided for the purposes of:

  • Insight and value from high-performance, real-time, and rigorous health data and information systems.
  • Operational constructs and practices that support rapid response to health system needs.
  • Real-time capable visualisation software with support for data streaming and event-driven behaviour.
  • Mature processes and practices to rapidly respond to clinically important information and activity.

Further information about the SA Virtual Care Service application may be found with the following documentation: